March 13, 2021

Rom-Com Movie & Me

Note: This post was originally written and planned for Jan 31th but life happened so it is being publish now instead. And probably a lot of other posts coming, too.

So I just finished watching Two Night Stand. It's a pretty typical romantic comedy but for some reason, I really really like it. Actually, I loved it! It probably has more to do with what is going in my life than the actual movie being a good movie. A lot of critics think it's pretty average. But then again, I generally like all movie. I'm a pretty poor critics. I either like a movie or don't and I mostly do. Pretty hard for me to rate movies or compare them. But anyway, I've been thinking about moving to NYC so when I saw the movie took place in NYC, it instantly peaked my interest. I guess so does it being a rom-com as it is kind of my guilty pleasure. I don't think I have ever not like a rom-com movie. I don't know what about it, I just really enjoy it.

So that's what I had written a couple of month a go but never got to finish. I remember I had a lot of say on the topic but I unfortunately lost that train of thought. However, I'm publishing this anyway... Yeah. I know, I suck at this.