April 4, 2021

Quarter Life Crisis?

So I am turning 25 this year. I don't usually celebrate my birthday so it doesn't really have anything to do with my birthday. But I somewhat remember that I am turning 25 and maybe it is something to do with it.

Okay so let's backup a bit. I'm in a weird place right now. I feel like there are more in life that I could do. I'm not sure what but I just think I could and therefore maybe I should. Or maybe it's just my current job. I've been doing the same job for over 4 years now. I guess it's time for a change. Don't get me wrong though, I love what I do and there has never been a day that I dread going into work. Actually, I really enjoy going to work and I'd have to contribute that to my team. I really like working with everyone. It's actually going to be really hard when I have to leave but I think I need to try something new and now is as good as any other time.

Or maybe it's the 2020 being a non-existence year, a dreadful year that has changed my perspective of life. This is somewhat a lame reason as I'm sure everyone feel this way and everyone is probably going try to do the same as me, live life more when this pandemic is over. Although I wouldn't say I haven't really live my life as I think I did pretty well. This is a good segue into the real reason, or the reason I think something is wrong with my life.

Like most kids, I couldn't wait to become independent and I started very early, right when I went to college. I was on my own and I loved it. There were time when I struggled but that's life. However, when I got a job and moved to Newport, RI (it's actually Middletown) I really was living my best life. I was 3 minutes from work, I love my job, the beach was 5 minutes away and Downtown Newport is lots of fun. I always try something new to keep it interesting, like surfing! After 2 years, I thought this is great and I could do this forever. Which is really crazy for a 22 years old. I'll have to thank the pandemic for this because without it, I probably would have just settled as I did continued to live like I did, except I started to do less and less and completely stop when pandemic hit. The pandemic really clear things up and really made me think if I'm really ready to settle down in life at 25.

Whatever the reason, I have determined that I will start a new chapter in my life this year. I have to make 2021 the best year to make up for the 2020. I need to do more but to do that, I need to move to somewhere with more opportunities for life. I picked a few places but I subconsciously kind of prefer NYC. I kind of lost my train of thoughts of what my point is but new year, 2021 , quarter-life crisis, all of these slowly started something new, the precursor to my next chapter in life. Which is actually why I've been kind of busy but it's coming together now and once it does, I will have more time to write about it. I hope.