February 23, 2019

Antz: The Colony

So I've decided to call the series "Antz" and will model the project around an ant colony. I still haven't come up with a concrete architecture yet but I have a rough idea. The project will consist of three Docker containers: website container, database/storage container, and worker container. The idea is for the website to put all data and codes in the database/storage container and have the workers pull each entry and process it. A manager/load balancer is probably needed but I'm working on that. So, the whole project will be called The Colony. The workers will be called Drone or just Worker, not sure yet. The Manager will be called Queen, which might also server the website, and the database will be called Storage. I'm quite interested in trying out the RPC over AMQP so that may be how each container will communicate with each other. Or I might just stick with simple RESTful API.

But yeah, this is what I have so far, a rough idea on how I'll structure the project and architecture it. Beside that, I've also been looking into the Worker part of this, which I'll post about sometime next week.