April 19, 2021


I seem to have a lot of these lately. Maybe I should just change my blog title to something like Early Morning Thoughts. Is 2AM a late night or an early morning? Anyway, I'm up and I've been watching some Tech Talk, some Ted Talk and even a movie called After. I don't know, I just want to sleep or do something. Obviously, sleep is not happening so I figured I'll try to do something productive. So I did some chores, watched some really good video about Go and Rust. I started to think about my ex, two in particular. It's not anything bad actually. They made a huge impact on my life and even though they are no longer in my life, I'm really glad I've met them as I wouldn't be the same without every meeting them. If you're wondering what happen, it's actually me. I could have been better but I wasn't. However, they made me better and I'm thankful for that. Well, that is as personal as this post will go. I haven't officially announce it but I've accepted a new job and honestly, I can't wait to start. I wish I've already started so I can try to get some work done right now. I'm determined to work even harder with my career, which if you know me is pretty crazy. Not to toot my own horn but I generally work very hard because I love my job. It's a thing with me, I don't stick around and be miserable. I only do things I love and avoid doing things I don't. Whether that is job, where I live or things I do. I'm starting to rambling, but this is me at 2AM. I will end this post now and go find something else to do.